Monday, November 17, 2008

Bathroom Complete

After 9 months, our bathroom is finally complete! We had a lot of help, finally broke down and paid someone to tile some of the shower and had my brother in law finish it up for us. It looks really good and its nice to have 2 bathrooms again. Thanks to everyone that helped... now we'll be tiling our other bathroom in a few weeks...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Derek turns 5!

Today was Derek's birthday - wow, I can't believe it's been five years since he was born and we'll be having #4 in a few months!!! He has grown up so much since starting Kindergarten this year, he hardly seems like a little boy anymore.... He's such a sweet boy and a really good big brother. He can't wait for the new baby to come. It's so fun now that he's getting older. Yesterday, we were listening to primary songs on the way to church and you could hear him singing along in the back. He's even teaching Paige how to sing "I love to see the Temple".

We didn't have a party for him this year, instead he helped me decorate cupcakes and took them to his school class and had a little party there. When he got home we surprised him with ice cream and a bunch of little presents from the dollar store. Tad insisted on wrapping each one individually so he would feel like he got a lot of toys. You can get a ton of stuff there for $10 and he loved them all! After the ice cream we had a movie night for him and all piled on the floor and watched "Kung Fu Panda". Now he and Kevin want to learn karate!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Dragons and a Princess

The boys are so into dinosaurs and really wanted to be dinosaurs this year. I searched everywhere, but couldn't find any dinosaurs! So, they ended up being dragons. We all went to Derek's school on Halloween afternoon for their Halloween Parade. I think it was about 100F outside and I'm sure Derek was sweating in his costume, but he loved it.

That night we went to my sister's neighborhood for trick-or-treating. This was Paige & Kevin's first year that they understood what was going on. I think they all had fun.... I stayed and passed out candy on the driveway so my mom could go with everyone this time. Click on the pictures to make them bigger....

This is Derek at school during his parade and with all of his cousins before trick or treating.

Here's Kevin the green dragon...

Here's Paige the purple princess. Luckily most of the purple medicine had worn off by that night. It's hard to tell, but she even has some eye shadow and blush on.

And of course Paige had to wear Derek's costume too!