Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Negative..... again

I finally get to work in the ICU tomorrow and am so excited! I have to do 3 "training" shifts before I can be an "as needed" nurse for them. I'm anxious to learn more in my career, it seems likes its taken a long time to get here.

On another note, it looks like it will just be the 6 of us from now on. As I mentioned before, we've been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half now and found out about 2 weeks ago that the latest test was a big negative. It's been really frustrating as anyone that has dealt with infertility knows. This last month was the most promising. I did gonadotropin injections with my cycle and actually ovulated for the first time in months. I thought for sure I was pregnant, I could feel I was pregnant, and was really let down when I wasn't.

Being over 3 hours away from a doctor you have to go to sometimes last minute and often is really difficult and really expensive. I figure we've spent somewhere between $2K and $3K in just the last 9 months trying to get pregnant, so at some point we just needed to decide enough is enough and it looks like we are at that point. It's frustrating because if we lived in Phoenix I would definitely keep trying, but it's just too much being this far away. And I'm learning to be happy with that decision. We have 4 wonderful kids that I am so grateful for. And when Darci is finally potty trained we'll be done with that for good! That's something to look forward to!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My boy is on vacation

Derek is in Washington visiting Grandpa John, my dad. On the year that their grandchildren turn 8, they pay for them to fly solo up to visit for about 2 weeks. Lucky for Derek, his cousin Jack turns 8 this year too, so they got to go together. I was nervous, thinking he would be scared the whole flight, but he did great. He said he wasn't scared at all and had a lot of fun. He's still up in WA having fun and we miss him a ton!

Pictures of the kids

It's so much fun to go to the park and take pictures of the kids. These are some of my favorites. The first two are just silly.





4th of July

4th of July started this year again at 5:30 with the fire of the cannon and the sound of the firetrucks driving around town. We talked Grandpa into driving his train in the parade with all the kids in it. And we were able to drive our new Ranger behind him with the bigger kids in it. It's such a silly small town parade with firetrucks and 4-wheelers and bikes but the kids love it.

We were able to talk my sister's family into coming for the fun.

The much anticipated firetruck spraying...

Our new toy... After wanting one for years, Tad finally found the perfect ranger.

Again, my favorite is the black and white at the top of the blog, but here is the color one too.

Nana had a fun pinata for BBQ that night.

And Tad finally went out and shot his new gun...