Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer fun

Besides swimming nearly everyday and cleaning our other house up, I've been trying to keep the kids vusy with various activities.  Here are a few...

Grandma Toni mailed the kids some wooden designs that they could paint this summer and they have begging every day since school got out to paint them.  So I figured we were finally settled a bit in our new place that they could paint them.  They all took their time, especially Darci to make sure they were painted just right.

I found a blog post that had about 100 things you should do with your kids during the summer and building things with marshmallows and toothpicks was one of them so we gave that a try today and that was a big, especially with Darci.


Cooking from the garden... I've made a few pasta dishes with fresh basil from the garden and we've been growing enough okra to fry a good amount up each week.  I barely get any of it myself because the kids LOVE it. We also had some yummy zucchini bread this week too.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

How does my garden grow

I didn't think my okra plants were producing yet because they're still pretty small, but low and behold we peeked in there and they're growing like crazy!!  Everything else is growing pretty good too.  I might have to reduce to only one zucchini plant because they're getting hard to keep up with! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Supporting our troops

The National Guard from Safford was called to Afghanistan for a year and left last Saturday morning at 6am.  We picked up some flags and signs from the dollar store and went out to the highway bright and early to show our support and to explain to the kids the sacrifices that so many people make for us everyday.  They were tired and cranky at first but they enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was a good teaching moment.

Here is a video of the procession... 

We have moved, or are in the process of moving into Tad's parents rental house next to their house.  We happened to be in the right place at the right time, their renters moved out so we were able to move in. We're excited to downsize and save some money and have a little less space to clean while I work on my Master's.  We moved the beds over before we went so the kids were able to have a sleepover in our living room for a few nights.

Both Paige and Darci crashed one day after a long day of swimming and fun with Daddy.  This is how they looked when I got home from work at about 4pm.

Derek after his first Scout day camp.  He complained about having to go but when he got home he couldn't wait to show us everything he made and did.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Kevin & Paige!!!

I can't believe it but the twins are 6 years old!!!  Time is sure flying, it doesn't seem like its been 6 years already.  I gave them the choice of what they wanted to do for their birthday: me buy them a present, have a party for them, or take them to the movies.  Madagascar 3 just came out so they decided they wanted to go to the movie, so sometime next week we'll have to fit that in.  I already posted about some of their big news.  They both did great in Kindergarten.  They're finishing up coach pitch baseball next week.  They've had some good hits and do well out in the field running for the ball and throwing it.  Paige still amazes me with her ability to do everything and not sit still for a moment and Kevin amazes me with his ability to pick up anything and read it.  They're great kids and we love them.


Yes, I made this cake!  I think it is the best cake I've ever made.  I had fun making it and Paige had fun eating the m&m's while pretending to help me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

An overgrown garden, a missing tooth and a dry boy

The garden has just taken off the last 2 weeks and everything is growing great!  The only problem is weeds and ants are also growing great so I need to get in there and do some work to fix that.  We are going to have no shortage of squash varieties this summer.  Tonight I used some fresh cut cilantro and parsley for our pork chops and cous cous and that was a hit. 

Miss Paige, who turns 6 tomorrow, lost her 2nd tooth tonight (with a little help from mom)!  She was so excited.  We had to get it out today because she has a dental cleaning appt tomorrow.

I am so proud of Kevin, who also turns 6 tomorrow.  He has gone 5 weeks of being completely dry at night without even one wet night in between. I hope I am not jinxing him, but I had to post this because I am just so happy for him (and for me for less laundry!).  We got this bed wetting alarm for him and after only about 4 nights, he was staying completely dry.  After 2 weeks, I stopped taking him to the bathroom before I went to bed and he still stayed dry.  Then we went to Mesa for a few nights and he stayed at my mom's by himself for a few nights and he was still dry!  Now it's been about 5 weeks.  I am so proud of him and he is too as you can tell from the picture.

We were able to go down to Maricopa for our sweet niece, Leah's, baby blessing.  She is so adorable!!

We stayed at Jeff and Joleen's house this time and the older girls were so sweet to watch ALL the little ones while the adults went to dinner together.