Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer fun... June

OK, I am seriously behind on my blog, so I am starting here with June and will backtrack the past few months when I get the time...  Summer has already been flying by here at our house.. we've done several fun things...

Kevin and Paige turned 7!!  We had a little combined party at the park with most of their friends.  We did water balloons and everyone got wet.  I think this will be the last year we do a combined party, it just gets CRAZY with that many kids!


Our little chickens have begun to lay eggs!!  Actually, we're not sure which one it is, but we've been getting about 1 egg a day.  They are so cute and tiny!

The kids have been in baseball and get so worn out by the end of the day!  On this day, Paige, Kevin and Darci all fell asleep around 4pm reading books..

We bought another Ranger...  we've been taking it out whenever we can and have really had fun.  We went up behind Daley Estates to a small stream here...

Derek is still stealing my camera to take pictures of himself... 

We went to Roper Lake with some friends and had a picnic and a swim.  It was actually pretty full, so we had a good time swimming around.  It felt good to get in the water on such a hot day!

We also went camping up on Mt Graham with some new friends of ours and Tad's parents.  It was really a lot of fun.  There were no fires allowed, but luckily our friends had a 5th wheel that was basically a house on wheels and we were able to bum their kitchen a few times after Tad's dad bailed on us.  Without fires, it was hard to warm up, and it was actually pretty cold up there.  But it was a really fun trip and we all had a lot of fun with our new friends.  And it was the first time we've gone camping that it hasn't poured on us, so maybe our bad-luck camping is coming to an end?