Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow again

It snowed all day here on Thursday and we got quite a bit (for Albuquerque standards) at our house. It lasted all day and there's still some out in our backyard.

Derek insisted on waiting out in the snow for the bus to come.

The start of our snow day

The backyard

There was good sledding out in the backyard this time. All in all probably 2 inches of snow in our backyard.

It doesn't look like Darci had fun, but she did until her butt started getting cold here.

Our pathetic little snowman... give me a break, I didn't grow up in the snow and never learned how to make one.. plus its hard to make one when Darci keeps rolling down the hill when I put her down.

Our park

Sledding at a neighborhood park - great park for sledding.

Snow around the neighborhood....

My latest vinyl project... would do it a bit different next time, but not bad for a beginner...

And my sweet girl....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed a bunch yesterday... here's some videos, pictures to follow

Sledding at a neighborhood park...

Darci in our backyard

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This and That

Here are some fun things the kids have said or done over the last few weeks...

"For REAL" is what he says about a zillion times a day. I think he heard Derek say it once and it stuck.

Watching American Idol, I asked him, "Is that person a good singer?" He says, "No." and then a minute later, "She sings better than me."

To me, "When I was your age, I was married... to Daddy. When I was your age, I went ice skating."

"Don't leave me all by my lone."

"I'm getting bigger... soon I'll be 5 and then I'll go on a mission and then I'll be married and then I'll go to school!"

Darci is now a headbanger just like her sister. Except most of the time, she is a headrammer.... She gets up on her knees in her crib and rams the side of the crib over and over and over. It's pretty loud. She also lays on her tummy and bangs her head over and over like Paige (still) does. And she lays on her back on kicks her leg on the side of the crib over and over.

She's been sick pretty much since her birthday and is getting over 2 ear infections. She's also got her first tooth and is trying to get more so that doesn't help with her sleeping or her fussiness if mommy isn't holding her all the time.

"I'm going to close my eyes and try to go to sleep, it's been a rough day." He says, followed by a giggle.

"My school was on breakdown today." They were actually on "lockdown" because of some neighborhood burglary.

They really know how to crack me up.

Other happenings...

Derek drew this for his school contest... didn't win, but I'm sure proud of him.

A vinyl swirl I made for the wall...Vinyl lettering I made for above the inside of the front door. I've been checking out a ton of crafty blogs lately (many of them linked on my sidebar) and making a list of new projects I'd like to do someday... If anyone is feeling crafty, check them out at the bottom of my sidebar. They'll be deleted as I complete them.

Girl time... Darci is down to 1 nap now (but at least its a good 2-3 hr nap), so now she is entertained by playing with the kids. One of her favorite things to do is eat the crayons. (Don't worry mom, I don't let her do that, at least not when I can help it). Kevin has school twice a week so we get a few hours a week with just the girls.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My first vinyl project

I finally got around to buying some vinyl for my cricut machine. Tried it out today and it was actually pretty easy to do... made a princess crown for the doors in Paige's room.

Paige got into my makeup without asking the other day and had mascara all over her face. So we decided that we would do a makeup day every few weeks to keep her from getting into trouble. So a few days ago we did a makeup day... isn't she pretty??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Mexico Ski Resorts

Last week we went to see a few of the ski resorts (I had no idea that New Mexico had so many!) in northern New Mexico. We stayed at a small resort called Sipapu and had a small (really small) bunk room with 2 bunk beds and a fridge and microwave for $29 a night (not bad considering most other resorts around are over $100).

Everyone fought over who would get to sleep on the top of the bunk beds...

We woke up each morning to Darci peeking up over her crib.

We also drove to Taos Ski Resort....

We drove through a lot of small villages that looked like this one

The Rio Grande Gorge bridge was pretty cool. It is flush with the ground and you can't see it until you are right there.

We drove through Red River Ski Resort....

Tad really wanted to do a snowmobile tour, but at $75, he'll have to start saving up!

Then we went to Angel Fire Ski Resort...

Tad and Derek did the tubing here, and only them because it was $20 per person! I guess it costs so much because they have a moving walkway to take you back up the hill.

All in all, we had fun. There wasn't as much snow as we expected. This week would be a great time to go, because they're all getting a ton of snow up there. I did find a small hill for Paige and Kevin to sled down, as soon as I can figure out how to make the videos smaller, I'll post some of those.